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You Get Unlimited Travel
With the JR Pass you can enjoy unlimited travel on the JR Railway, and selected buses and ferries. Discover Japan now!You Save Money
Did you know that the price of a Japan Rail Pass is roughly the same amount as a Tokyo – Kyoto return trip. You will save
Easy To Use
The Japan Rail Network is one of the most efficient in the world. With English signage and help centers, your trip will be a breeze.7, 14, and 21 day options
You can select between 7, 14, and 21 day rail passes. Want multiple passes? That’s fine too!
You travel in style
Enjoy extra space and less noise. Green Class passes offer you the chance to completely unwind on your travel.Satisfaction Guaranteed
With the expansive rail network, various train options and value for money, the JR Rail Pass is your key to discovering Japan.


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Purchase Your Pass Online
Select the class and duration of your pass and order online here.

Receive your order and take to Japan
You will receive your JR Pass ‘exchange order’ and you will take this to Japan.
Exchange your order
Simply go to one of the many Japan Rail Exchange Offices with your ‘exchange order’ and transform it to your physical JR Pass.
Start your trip using the Japan Rail Pass
Discover Japan on one of the most efficient Rail Networks in the world.

Itinerary 1
Tokyo – Nikko
Nikko – Tokyo
Tokyo – Kyoto
Kyoto – Nara
Nara – Hiroshima
Hiroshina – Tokyo
Save $$
Itinerary 2
Tokyo – Nikko
Nikko – Takayama
Takayama – Kyoto
Kyoto – Nara
Nara – Mount Koya
Mount Koya – Kurashiki
Kurashiki – Hiroshima
Hiroshima – Tokyo
Save $$
Itinerary 3
Tokyo – Kyoto
Kyoto – Osaka
Osaka – Hiroshima
Hiroshima – Fukuoka
Fukuoka – Tokyo
Save $$
If you are planning on travelling extensively throughout Japan then the JR Pass can save you a lot of money! With the freedom to explore and to change on the way, we recommend it for sure!

Michelle & Ben (Sydney)
“We decided at the last minute to purchase the Japan Rail Pass and it really made the trip. I can’t believe how efficient the whole country was!” – Michelle
Sarah (Melbourne)
“Me and some friends headed snow boarding in Hakuba and after we decided to visit more of the country on the Japan Rail network. The pass made it an ease and we all had such a good time”
Warren & Sue (Perth)
“We’ve traveled many places in our time and I must say the whole experience with the Japan Rail Pass was fantastic. I’ve never seen such an efficient network of trains which actually run on time!”
Louise (Brisbane)
“Japan Rail Pass Now were simply amazing. I hadn’t done a lot of research before my trip, and with the flexibility of the pass it allowed me to change things as I went. It was safe, reliable and great value for money”

Japan Rail Network Map


Japan Rail Network Map

Click here to see a larger version of the Japan Rail Pass Map and a load of information on where you can use your Japan Rail Pass.

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